When I write, I am free to create my own world. When I write, I can create new possibilities. Writing for me is the link between what is and what could be.

Cynthia Chukwuma

Mrs. Violet Maduka

After going through a transformative phase, a woman in her forties struggles to deal with her home-life, work-life, and the external factors that threaten to ruin her marriage.

38 chapters (Completed)

Not promises that ended up like broken clay pots,
But the ones that glowed like the sun in the daytime,
And hung in the sky like the moon,
They twinkled in the dark like stars,
And crept into your dreams,
Widening your lips in a beautiful smile.

Through Thick And Thin

When Ijeoma gets into a third accident that results in a miscarriage, she and her husband are forced to look for the source of their problems.

40 chapters (Completed)

  • The Proposal
    He gave me the proposal I wanted. The one I spoke to him about those nights we spent in his single room apartment on a bed that was as hard as the cold floor. A candle-lit dinner in a restaurant with the dark-blue sky as the ceiling and sweet-smelling grass as the carpet. The night was cooled by nature’s breeze. The scent of the surrounding…

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  • Her Personal Hell
    The air was moist in Obiageli’s room. She remained on the bed, oblivious to the growing heat in the room. From the window, she could hear the sound of the women in the backyard. If she opened the window, she was sure that the smell of ofe onugbu and burning goatskin would accompany smoke to evade the serenity of her space. She also didn’t want to…

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  • The Divorce
    She’d stared so long at the golden ornament on the altar that her eyes watered and the white circle had taken a reddish tint. She thought she saw something else, a blurry head crowned with thorns, but rendered it a hallucination her tired eyes had imagined. She had counted the spikes shooting out in different directions until she mixed up her numbers after getting to forty.…

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  • The List
    Coming out of the office should have made Dabere feel like the plastic plates filled with soup in her mother’s fridge— only coming out to see the light of the day when they were to be eaten with smooth, sometimes too soft semo. She took a deep breath, the too cool office had only made her crave for the hot air outside. She was…

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  • The Man Of My Dreams
    It started with dreams. The dreams with all my ex-boyfriends—from Ebuka, my first boyfriend in the junior secondary school to Damola who I’d found out was married after dating him for three months. They all chased me, waving clubs with the thickness of my wrist in their hands and what sounded like sex-induced moans floating out from their gaping mouths. I didn’t dream of…

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Ruby’s Search For Romance

After Ruby ends her ‘friendship’ with Boye, she actively begins to look for a real, serious relationship. Her quest for ‘real and serious’ leads her to start a journey where she would not only find the partner of her dreams, but also go through heartbreaks and cause heartbreaks; she would go through dark times, near-depression, and find out shocking things about herself.

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Dinma is the Female Senior Prefect of Emerald International College, Jos. She didn’t get the position just by her brains. She has worked hard to get to the position, even becoming a favorite of both teachers and students. Waking up to a message that threatens to destroy her reputation as well as a relationship that has helped keep her sane for the duration of her study.
Will Dinma be able to subvert this problem before it ruins her?

7 Chapters (Completed)

The Other Side

“Now is the time for your judgment.” The voice continued, not minding that I had just seen myself getting murdered. “You will be judged by four people, normal human beings like you. The first, the person you were most cruel to. The second, the person you were the nicest to. The third, the person who was saved by your actions. The fourth, the person who died because of your actions.”

5 Chapters (Completed)