Written by Cynthia Chukwuma

The first installation on the Dinma Series. What happens when Dinma wakes up to a message on her Facebook Messenger?

Dinma is the Female Senior Prefect of Emerald International College, Jos. She didn’t get the position just by her brains. She has worked hard to get to the position, even becoming a favorite of both teachers and students. Waking up to a message that threatens to destroy her reputation as well as a relationship that has helped keep her sane for the duration of her study.
Will Dinma be able to subvert this problem before it ruins her?

Blackmailed – Episode 1

Blackmailed – Episode 2

Blackmailed – Episode 3

Blackmailed – Episode 4

Blackmailed – Episode 5

Blackmailed – Episode 6

Blackmailed – Episode 7