Cold. It woke me up from what seemed like a deep slumber. It seeped into my bones. When I tried to put my arms around my body to rub warmth into them, they met thin air where my elbows were supposed to be. I looked down. My eyes met a shimmering mass that was the replica of my body. My long slim legs that had always been my pride still looked the same. I tried to touch it and watched in dismay as my fingers slipped through it. Where am I? It was then that I looked around. I was in a room, moss-green walls were all I could see. There were no doors or windows. Everywhere was blank. I had been laying on the floor. I tried to recall how I got there, but my mind seemed like a black void. I couldn’t even remember who I was.

I was naked in a strange room with no recollection of who I was or how I got there.

“Hello,” I called out, relieved when the word echoed in the room. My voice was still there. I walked to the wall and cautiously raised my hand to it. I was surprised when my hand came in contact with a solid mass. “Hello,” I called out a little louder, putting my ears to the wall. Everything was quiet. Not eerily quiet, but still quiet. It was supposed to be calming, but in my state, I could hardly get myself to enjoy the quietude. “Hello.”

I was leaning on the wall, so when it vibrated, I felt it trying to suck me into it. I pulled away with much difficulty. In an instant, the wall was no longer there. I found myself in a similar room, a yellow room. A large screen occupied one part of the wall. A cloaked-figure was on the screen, on his hand was a small pocket book.

Somehow, I understood that I wasn’t supposed to do or say anything. A force held my body where it was preventing me from going further, another force held my tongue. It had only released it for me to croak out, “Hi.”

A pair of silver eyes appeared on the cloaked figure. I would have gasped if I had the ability to. A metallic voice filled the room.

“Austa Chimerie. Time of death- 9:36pm. Cause of death- shot during a robbery.” The metallic voice suddenly stopped. The figure disappeared and similar to a movie, another picture took its place. I saw myself in a house, dressed in a huge shirt. I was watching a movie, a bowl of popcorn was on my laps as I laughed hysterically at what was going on the film. Watching myself this way was strange. I had no memory of ever doing anything like that. I watched as the girl on the screen still. A strange feeling of fear overcome me. She switched off the TV and stood up abruptly, sending the bowl of popcorn to the floor with a loud clatter. “Who is that?” her voice filled the room. She flung the remote on one of the chairs and walked gingerly to the door. As she raised her hands to the handle of the door, the door flung open, and three men in black burst into the house. She screamed and knelt on the ground, raising her hands in the air.

I watched in dismay as the men ransacked her house and when one of the men tried to touch her, she fought back like a tiger. Her screams were no longer filled with fear. She had a crazed look in her eyes as she fought tooth and nail with the man, biting his hand when he attempted to cover her mouth. The man tried shaking her off, as his colleagues were already leaving but she was an erratic mass, her legs around him as she tried to inflict bodily harm with her nails and teeth.

“She is crazy,” he said helplessly to his colleagues as they urged him to hurry up. Her grip was like iron round his hands. One of the other men came to help him out but got a scratch on his cheek.

“Bitch,” he said slapping her. It only got her even more crazed. The last man sighed in anger and pointed his gun at her. Two loud sounds reverberated in the room.

I shivered. I could feel the bullets weighing down on the left part of my head, I watched as she slumped down, a calm, relieved look replaced the crazed look in her eyes. I could feel the peace that settled in her heart as her eyes closed. The screen went black immediately and the cloaked man was back on the screen.

“Now is the time for your judgment.” The voice continued, not minding that I had just seen myself getting murdered. “You will be judged by four people, normal human beings like you. The first, the person you were most cruel to. The second, the person you were the nicest to. The third, the person who was saved by your actions. The fourth, the person who died because of your actions.” Again, the screen went black before I could say anything.

A chair appeared behind me and I was forced into it. A belt circled my waist, imprisoning me to the chair. The yellow room dissolved around me. I felt myself moving forward, too fast that my head swam. I could see nothing other than white walls. Soon, the chair slowed to a stop. I found myself in front of a red door, so red it reminded me of the blood that had splayed on the floor when (I) was killed. Slowly, the chair carried me through the door.