The next few days in the house was sweet hell for Apham. Angela seemed to be everywhere at the same time—preparing breakfast in the kitchen dressed in a see-through nightie, in the parlor rearranging pictures wearing a short gown that rode up her thighs, doing squats in front of the house. All he could hear was her voice- Luke, what do you want for breakfast? Do you need me to wash your clothes? Why are you back so late? 

It didn’t help that his father was rarely at home, even when he was, she still kept up with the flirty looks thrown in his direction as well as the suggestive gestures. He sometimes imagined how his father’s sexual life with her was. Once, he had heard the two of them going at it when he was passing in front of their room. The thought of his father with her should have banished any lustful thoughts he had towards her but it only seemed to fuel his passion for her.

One weekend, his father went on a business trip leaving both of them alone at home. Angela’s daughter, Benny was a student at the University of Abuja and was barely home even during the holidays. Apham had contemplated staying with one of his friends during this period to avoid falling into temptation, but his plan had been foiled when Angela had called him saying she needed help in fixing her dresser.

He knew that there was nothing to fix. He could have called a carpenter to deal with it, but he had bid his friends who had come out with him for a drink in the bar and rushed home. All the way back, he kept on telling himself to go back, yet he could hardly bring himself to reverse the car.

When he got home, Angela was waiting for him in her room, a bottle of wine lay beside two glasses on the bedside table. Of course, there was no spoilt dresser waiting for him to fix. But he still asked, “What do you need me to repair?”

Angela was sitting at the edge of the bed, dressed in a peach silk gown with thin straps. “I’m sure you knew there is nothing that needs repair in my room,” she said, then pushed out her chest. Her nipples pointed through the sheer material. “Well, except me.”

Apham’s eyes fell on her breasts, unable to take them away. He shuffled nervously on his feet. “Then why did you call me? If there is nothing else, I will be going now,” he said. He remained where he was, still unable to move his eyes from where they had rested.

Angela reached for the bottle of wine and pulled out the cork with a slight pop. She poured the contents into the two cups, then handed him one of the cups. “Stay for a glass of wine.” Her voice was inviting, sultry.

With much struggle, he pulled his eyes from her chest to the glass she was holding. He reached out and took it it. His fingers brushed against hers, it lingered. He shivered. Withdrawing his hand, he emptied the glass in one gulp.

“Eager, are we?” Apham dropped the glass on the dresser that was closest to him. He turned to leave.

“Wait,” she called out. He stilled at the door. “Are you just going to leave like that?” Softly, she added, “Luke.”

Apham shivered when he felt her behind him, her hand circled his waist, plastering her chest to his back. He took a deep breath and reached to pull her hands away, but they were already going down below his belt.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he hissed as her hand settled on his belt.

“No one would know if we don’t say anything.” She pushed him to face her.

Looking at her up-close, Apham could see that her face was not as smooth as it always seemed. She was not on make-up, he noticed too and her eyes seemed a little naked without the veil of eyelashes that always covered them. She was still beautiful, he mused. Her lips were plump, her nose settled perfectly in the middle of her face. So when she reached up to place those lips against his, he did nothing merely letting her take the lead.

That night his father’s wife rode him over and over again until he could no longer take it. Angela was a vixen. She knew a lot of tricks and was very expressive in bed. Maybe it was because she was older but at that time, Apham found her to be much better than the younger girls that he had been with. She knew the way to get him up and going for hours even when he was sure that he could no longer stand it.

It was not just that night, it didn’t just happen in her bedroom. He took her in the kitchen with his father snoring upstairs. She sneaked into his room in the middle of the night after a session with his father. She was insatiable. A number of times, his father nearly caught them—the day they were going at it in the Jeep his father bought for her, the night that he also took her in the living room.

Thinking back now, Apham knew that they had been daring, too careless. He imagined what would have happened if his father had caught them together. It was hard to tell, but he was sure that their relationship would never remain the same. And for Angela, he was certain that she would be losing on both ends. Their adulterous relationship continued for weeks, months even, that was until he had caught her with another man, his father’s friend.

He had gone with his girlfriend, Ama to a hotel when he saw her entering the hotel in the arms of the old Chief Idoro. He had been surprised, maybe it wasn’t her, maybe it was someone that looked like her. Even as he booked a room, he could not ignore the nagging suspicion in his mind. Leaving his girlfriend in the hotel room, he waited outside until he saw both of them coming out. Hotheaded as he was, he confronted them, not just as a jilted lover but as the son of the man she was married to.

She threatened him that day. If he ratted about her, she would tell his father of their illicit relationship. He left Abuja a few days later, mostly to clear his head and take control in one of the branches of his father’s company in Lagos.

While he had sworn off any relationship with her, she still held on to hope that he would return to her and never stopped sending him her nudes until he blocked her on all his social accounts. But no matter how he avoided her, it didn’t wipe the fact that he had slept with his father’s wife, not once, not even twice but more than a couple of times.