What if someone said they loved you,

But you can’t bring yourself to believe them.

Whose fault is it?

Is it those of past loves that destroyed you,

Sucked you dry and left you hanging,

Is it those failed promises,

Sweet and soft in the beginning,

But only left you with a bitter and dry feeling at the end,

Whose fault is it?

Is it the high hopes that you had for those who had gone,

Or the helpless feeling they left you with in their haste departure,

Or the feeling of hope that rose when a new one arrive,

Or the more serious pain he inflicts on his departure.

You tried hard honey,

But you couldn’t fall for another,

Those disappointments, those hurts, those pains,

You don’t want to go back to them,

But they beckon at you,

In the face of every stranger, the eyes of he,

The fear of returning to that place keeps you away from the true one,

You no longer believe the words,

You have grown, but not past the hurt,

They still haunt you,

But you have become expert at avoiding them.