Have you ever tried so hard at something that you ended up failing as badly as you tried? It happens all the time. But it doesn’t stop us from trying hard at passing an exam or trying hard at keeping a relationship. Most times, you could just give it up; forget at about it; but we humans came into the world with will. While some people have strong wills, others are not so strong. But even at that, there is always a tinge of that will, in every ‘I want to do that’ and in every ‘I can do that’, there is an added ingredient some may call ‘faith’. And behind every ‘Yes! I did it’, there is a story of failures, determination, and nonstop perseverance.

You have a dream, chase it.

You like a guy or a lady, tell them upfront,

What people are scared about having in their lives are regrets. Every ‘I want to…’ or ‘I can do that…’ turning into ‘I could have done that..’ or ‘I wish I had done that…’.

It is easier to regret what you have done, but what you could have done but didn’t do because of fears is on a higher level of regret.